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AlefEdge & Vapor to enable edge computing on private wireless networks

AlefEdge & Vapor to enable edge computing on private wireless networks
AlefEdge & Vapor to enable edge computing on private wireless networks

Vapor IO, a company that innovated the Kinetic Edge platform, and AlefEdge, a US based software edge Internet leader that provides SD-ME (Software-Defined Mobile Edge) platform and application program interfaces for developers and enterprises, have reportedly announced that the they have teamed up to rollout the SD-ME services on the Kinetic Edge platform across the nation.

Kinetic Edge platform is a fully-integrated software and hardware platform for networking, exchange, and edge colocation services. Software-Defined Mobile Edge helps companies rollout edge computing over private wireless networks, making a low-cost path to mobile apps that are edge-enabled, including IoT, factory robotics, as well as other use cases that can benefit through applications that are delivered at the edge.

The new integrated platform would offer a strong system for deployment of edge computing services over private networks, including existing CBRS, LTE, and Wi-Fi networks and the upcoming 5G networks as well. The integration of the AlefEdge’s SD-ME platform and Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge infrastructure facilitates the perfect architecture to help enterprise customers through ‘near-prem’ demands that need high bandwidth and ultra-low latency. First available in Atlanta and Pittsburgh, SD-ME allows 5G-style intelligent and immersive applications to operate on contemporary business environments.

AlefEdge CEO, Ganesh Sundaram stated that a programmable mobile Edge is still out of reach for numerous enterprises owing to the complexity of application development as well as deployment. Integrating the company’s service with Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge platform allows the company to rapidly deploy Edge across the nation and support ‘near prem’ workloads across the top 36 US Markets.

Sundaram further added that the company’s services enable enterprises to use shared resources while also retaining the benefits offered by on-prem IT while excluding the overhead of on-site management. Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge platform provides that most resilient and performant edge computing network, with an experience that is consistent across various regions.

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