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Beacon Pointe merges with CBD Wealth to expand its regional footprint

Beacon Pointe merges with CBD Wealth to expand its regional footprint
Beacon Pointe merges with CBD Wealth to expand its regional footprint

Beacon Pointe Advisors, one of the largest independent Registered Investment Advisory (RIA), has reportedly announced its merger with CBD Wealth Management, a New Orleans-based company that coordinates financial affairs for its clients and has over USD 690 million in assets under management.

As per the agreement, CBD will provide around 11 additional team of experts to Beacon Pointe, including three partners, Walter Bond, Bobby Comeaux, and Rocky Daigle.

Rocky Daigle, a Wealth Advisor at CBD Wealth Management, mentioned in a comment that the company opted to partner with Beacon Pointe owing to its diverse and expert work culture. He further added the merger is not only due to Beacon Pointe’s expertise in areas of financial planning, investment management, and other fields, but also due to its great staff as well as sharing and a collaborative environment.

Matt Cooper, Partner and President at Beacon Pointe Advisors reportedly stated that the similar culture followed by both the firms is what defined the merger between the two companies. He further added that this merger represents Beacon Pointe’s determination for growth and continual expansion while escalating their reach through entering another prominent area of the United States.

Bobby Comeaux, Partner and Managing Director at Beacon Pointe was quoted saying that this merger with CBD will help in freeing up time which was earlier consumed due to behind-the-scenes work and allow Beacon Pointe to focus on other crucial aspects such as their customers and their financial requirements.

About Beacon Pointe:

Beacon Pointe Advisors, which is based in Newport Beach, California, is an investment adviser, with clients and offices situated across the United States. The company focuses on providing expert consultancy services to clients in order to take effective decisions while developing strategic financial plans, asset allocation norms, and analyze fund performance among others.



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