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Centogene opens fourth Covid-19 testing center at Brandenburg Airport

Centogene opens fourth Covid-19 testing center at Brandenburg Airport
Centogene opens fourth Covid-19 testing center at Brandenburg Airport


  • A new SARS-CoV-2 testing facility begun at Berlin Brandenburg Airport after the successful launch of three similar centers
  • PCR tests made available not only to passengers arriving at and departing from the city, but also to the general populace
  • Easy accessibility of testing procedures defines a new normal for tourists and the aviation sector

Centogene N.V. has announced the launch of its fourth Covid-19 testing facility in Berlin, after successfully setting up test centers at three major German airports.

Similar Covid-19 test centers were established by Centogene earlier in collaboration with Lufthansa at three other locations that include Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Dusseldorf airports. Passengers departing from and arriving at Berlin will undergo the tests at these centers. Apart from this, the facility is also made available to the general population residing in the city.

The center will remain open between 7 am and 7 pm. It is centrally located in the arrival area of the airport. Individuals who want to take the test do not need to book an appointment but can directly register through CENTOGENE’s Corona test portal. After the collection of a throat swab by a healthcare professional, the results of the test will be shared via a web-based portal within 24 hours.

The Chief Information Officer at Centogene, Dr. Volkmar Weckesser, reportedly said that they have successfully conducted hundreds of thousands of Covid-19 tests and the demand for them has since been on a continual upsurge. Travel and aviation industries are vital for the economy, and their collaboration with BER and Lufthansa has enabled them to continue providing large-scale testing accredited to their strong blueprint for widespread, reliable testing.

Centogene’s SARS-CoV-2 test is designed to detect RNA using in vitro qualitative analysis in samples. The test has been validated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Emergency Use ization (EUA) and can be used by ized laboratories.

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