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Google steps up its pushback against EU push for harsh new tech rules

Google steps up its pushback against EU push for harsh new tech rules
Google steps up its pushback against EU push for harsh new tech rules

Leading search engine and Alphabet Inc’s subsidiary Google has reportedly launched a 60-day plan to campaign against the EU’s (European Union) push for harsher new tech regulations by bringing U.S. allies to effectively push back against the EU’s digital head and further spelling out the consequences of new rules, as per the company’s internal document.

As per reports, the European Commission is expected to publish new rules known as the DSA (Digital Services Act) on December 2, 2020, following which they would be required to be reconciled with proposals by EU nations as well as the European Parliament to become a legislation.

However, the proposal is witnessing immense opposition from U.S. tech companies and has got a few European tech firms concerned about the impact of new rules on their businesses as well.

The main objective of the pushback is to eliminate from the Commission proposal the irrational constraints put on companies’ business models, their ability to enhance products or launch new services/features, said the document dated October 2020.

While speaking on the matter, Google stated that new regulations should consider that companies and people are increasingly asking for more from technology firms, instead of less.

Google Vice President of Global Government Affairs and Public Policy, Karan Bhatia stated that as the company has already informed in its private and public communications, it has concerns about some reported proposals that would impede global tech firms from catering to the increasing needs of European businesses and users.

The document proposed amplifying the pushback against Thierry Breton, the European Commissioner who is responsible for DSA, by effectively reaching out to various U.S. embassies and the U.S. government itself with a message that new regulations are threatening transatlantic relations.

The 18-page document also enlisted some of the European countries and online firms like REWE, Zalando,, Trivago, and Allegro as potential allies.

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