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Hitachi Builds Japan's 1st Platform for Integrated Management of Cells

Hitachi Builds Japan's 1st Platform for Integrated Management of Cells
Hitachi Builds Japan's 1st Platform for Integrated Management of Cells

Hitachi, the Japanese multinational company, has built a platform for the cohesive management of cell and tracing information throughout the value chain with Alfresa Corporation, medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and others. The complete process will consist of cell collection, production, transportation, and the management of regenerative medicine products through collective creation. Hitachi announced that the practical operation of the test will be conducted from 2021 after which will follow the operational test. Alfresa will be one of the first platform users.

The platform constructed by Hitachi is the first common service infrastructure in Japan for regenerative medicine products that involves all stakeholders in the value chain. It eliminates the need for each firm to maintain its own management system and reduces the hitches that arise due to variance between businesses' systems and empower unified data management.

Hitachi’s platform will back the healthcare and pharmaceutical companies as one of its Lumada solutions for stimulating digital innovation, inspect potential applications for specialty pharmaceuticals that need thorough data management in the distribution, and has a goal for overseas deployment.

In various countries, the research and development on regenerative medical products are conducted and is expected to open paths to innovative therapies for those diseases which did not have any effective treatments. The feature of regenerative medical products is that cells utilized in administration are collected from the patient or cell donor, incubated, and then injected to the patient. Hence, it becomes essential to manage individual cells and information for tracing them in every process through the supply chain. This way a new supply chain system is needed for dependable and safe delivery of regenerative medical products. Hence, it is important that the platform can collect, store, and use data from different stakeholders by using digital technologies like IoT and AI.

Alfresa is gathering expertise and knowledge on storage management and transportation of regenerative medical products and clinical testing products through business and capital alliances with other regenerative medical products specialist companies. Through the platform, Alfreda will enhance its safe and reliable supply chain system for regenerative medicine products to patients and medical institutions.



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