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US FDA approves TaiGen’s IND application for influenza drug TG-1000

US FDA approves TaiGen’s IND application for influenza drug TG-1000
US FDA approves TaiGen’s IND application for influenza drug TG-1000

TaiGen Biotechnology Company, a Taiwanese pharmaceutical company engaged in finding novel solutions to diabetes related complications, cancer, and infectious diseases, has reportedly announced that the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved its IND (Investigation New Drug) application for TG-1000, a new treatment for both influenza B and A.

Along with TG-1000, TaiGen also has three more self-discovered NCEs: Furaprevir, an inhibitor of HCV protease to treat chronic hepatitis infection, TG-3000, an antagonist chemokine receptor used for chemosensitization and stem cell transplantation, and Taigexyn, a new non-fluorinated quinolone which is available in intravenous as well as oral formulations.

TaiGen’s novel pan influenza antiviral, TG-1000, stops viral transmission and replication using a cap-snatching mechanism. It can effectively work against influenza-B, influenza-A, Tamiflu-resistant viruses, and avian flu H7N9. The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted the first US patent for TG-1000 on 14th January 2020.

CEO and Chairman of TaiGen, Kuo-Lung Huang stated that influenza is a fatal disease with substantial unmet medical needs as well as heavy medical burden. Now, after the approval for IND by the U.S. FDA, the company is eager and ready to extend its clinical trials for TG-1000 in the United States over the coming years.

As per the Global Data, in 2019, the international market for influenza antivirals touched a valuation of $2.34 billion and is projected to hit the $5.03 billion valuation mark by the end of 2026, registering a CAGR of 11.5%.    

Presently, the influenza antivirals industry only contains neuraminidase inhibitor oseltamivir and baloxavir, newly developed endonuclease inhibitor. With the recent launch of baloxavir in the industry, institutional investment analysts predict the endonuclease inhibitors' market share to rise at the cost of neuraminidase inhibitors. The company’s TG-1000 is set take the complete advantage of this ongoing development.

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